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Avon - Bubble Bath

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Avon Bubble Bath - 700ml 24 fl oz

Avon Bubble Bath Uses

This is an excellent streak free cleaner. Cuts grease, leaves a shine you won't believe and is gentle on the hands. It is not a soap and has no detergent so it leaves no residue or film on anything. No rinsing is required either! 

Dilute 1 capful of any scented Avon Bubble Bath  with 1 litre of warm water. 

Here are some uses to try:

*Use it to clean chandeliers or light fixtures. Windows, mirrors or any glass. Even china or ornaments in your china cabinet. (Non-porous collectibles only!)

* Wash the appliances in your kitchen: stove, refrigerator, toaster, kettle, microwave, etc. best  chrome cleaner available.

* Wash your plant leaves with it. They shine and after, feed it to the plants as fertilizer. 

*Wash  all of your floors with it, especially no wax finish floors. Remember that it cuts grease – it is not harsh to the finish. Leaves no residue so your floors look like they've just been waxed. 

*Any spills or spots on upholstery or rugs, car seats etc.? Just take straight bubble bath on a damp cloth and rub the spot. It removes almost every stain and will not spot. Don't wet the spot with water, it's the water that leaves traces. 

*Can be used as a total rug shampoo! Carpets come out clean and smell great! 

*Terrific jewelry cleaner for costume jewelry as well as the real stuff. 

*Excellent pet shampoo. Your pet will smell very nice. No soap, so skin is not irritated. Rinse pet after shampoo, their coat is left soft and shiny. 

*One or two capfuls does a whole load of wash, clean as a whistle! Ever splattered grease on a good blouse or pants while cooking? Regular laundry just doesn't cut it. Next time, put straight bubble bath on the spots, let it sit for a few minutes, and throw it in the machine. They are gone! 

*Wash cars with it. Leaves no hard streaks. 

*Use it to clean your venetian blinds. Wipe them with a cloth wrung out from bubble bath water. They shine!

* Wash walls and ceiling's. No rinse, no streaks. Also great for wiping down wood paneling. Looks like it's just been waxed. Try washing your cupboards with it. Wooden cupboards such as oak or even painted surfaces come out really clean. 

*Clean your glasses with it.

*Makes a great liquid soap hand soap too!

*Yes, it's a bubble bath too!

Test product on hidden portions of fabric for colorfastness.