Suncatcher Crafts Unique Giftware

Well isn't this just a real eye-opening experience!?!

Listed below is an example of what shipping would look like if the parcel was 

25 1/2 inches long 20 inches wide and 10 inches high.  A little on the large 

size but it's for example purposes, using the Canada Post app......

                   B.C.         AB            SK            MB            ON           QC           PE     

1-34lb       $29.89     $37.03     $31.65      $47.87      $104.67     $47.87      $39.96

35-39lb     $32.26     $39.88     $34.19      $51.94      $117.02     $51.94      $43.43

40-49lb     $35.22     $43.44     $37.36      $57.03      $132.46     $57.03     $47.74

Well it goes on and on, you get the idea. Yes, it's horrifying to me, as well im sure to you. Poor Ontarian's, I'm hoping this is a mistake on my part.

Regardless, my goal is not to make money on shipping, I will charge my customer what Canada post charges me. If by chance, I have to build a box for a piece of stained glass to ensure it reaches its destination in the same shape it leaves here, a 5 to 10 dollar service charge may apply.

For shipping outside of Canada the same applies.  I have been told that the shipping rates into the United States are actually cheaper than shipping in Canada. 

Go figure Eh?

Please contact me prior to finalizing your sale if you feel the shipping is "out of hand".  I will take your item(s) to the post office to get the exact rate for you and then adjust accordingly.

I will do everything in my power to keep the shipping rates as low as possible!

At the moment my site is set up to ship only to Canada. 

I am willing to ship to other parts of the world.... contact me to make the arrangements.


I have recently had to renew my insurance policy........ it seems, for fear of being sued, if I wish to have insurance coverage I can no longer ship to the United States, unless I pay an additional $750. per year. 

This just floors me, I have Americans shopping in my store all the time. Taking my products home with them is fine it seems but receiving my product through the mail is putting me at a high risk of being sued. 

Unfortunately my sales to the US are very small which doesn't warrant paying the additional insurance.